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We are a volunteer collective working to support local healthcare providers and first responders during the COVID-19 public health crisis in 2020.

We come from different walks of life and reside in New Jersey.


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Hospitals Supported

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What We Make

Face Shield - 3DVerkstan

A lightweight and comfortable face shield that is fastened by glasses-style arms. This shield can be fastened even more securely by adding a rubber band at the back. It was designed by 3DVerkstan, a 3D printing company from Sweden. The shield is reusable by a single user. The transparent visor can be replaced as needed.

Face Shield - Budmen Industries

A sturdy face shield fastened with an elastic band around the back of the head. This shield design has plenty of room for glasses and large masks. It was designed by Budmen Industries, a 3D printing company from Syracuse, New York. The shield is reusable by a single user. The transparent visor can be replaced as needed.

Ear Savers

These 3D printed straps wrap around the back of the head and prevent elastic mask bands from chafing the ears. They can sit directly between the ears or higher up on the head. We produce several ear saver designs and may fulfill orders with any designs available.

Are you a healthcare provider, first responder, or essential worker in need of face shields or ear savers?


Who We Are

SOMA's 3D Printer Alliance

SOMA NJ 3D Printers Alliance is a volunteer group created to provide face shields free of charge to frontline medical workers, first responders, long term care facilities, and shelters in our communities. The members of the Alliance include around 30 volunteers who 3D print face shields as well as over 100 families who help with assembly and delivery. The group started in the towns of South Orange and Maplewood (known locally as SOMA) and has grown to include members from across New Jersey. The work of the group is funded through donations.

Coordinating Members

Jake Ezzo

Zubin Kremer Guha

Nino Badridze

Frances Jacobus-Parker

Devyani Guha

Support Us

We couldn’t do this without community support! Your donations cover the purchase of materials, allowing us to provide shields for the frontline workers who are keeping us safe





  • Can I buy the face shields or ear savers you make?
    No, we are all volunteers and what we make is for donation to health care providers and other frontline workers.
  • What costs are involved in producing these items?
    Each face shield costs roughly $1 to produce. Costs include filament for the 3D printed parts, sheets of transparent plastic, elastic, plastic bags, and replacement parts for printers. Volunteers donate their time and the use of their printers to the cause.
  • How are you making the face shields? What are they made of?
    Our volunteer printers make the 3D printed visor using either PLA, PETG, or ABS filament. A replaceable transparent plastic sheet made from PET, PVC, or acetate attaches to pegs on the visor. Teams of local families help to prepare and assemble components of the visors.
  • I requested face shields. How do I assemble them?
    Starting from the center and working outwards, push the holes in the transparent sheet over the pegs on the visor. You can attach a rubber band to the back of 3DVerkstan visors for added security. At this time, we only have a step by step assembly guide for 3Dverkstan, available here.
  • I requested face shields. How do I clean them?
    Face shields should not be heat treated. Use soap and water or a variety of cleaning products depending on what material the shield is made from. Here is a chart of cleaning products appropriate for different materials. Each face shield should be worn by a single user only.
  • I requested face shields. How do I replace the transparency?
    Replace the transparent sheet using letter-sized transparency film (laser not ink) or clear binder covers from any office supply store. Thicknesses between 7 mil and 12 mil (0.007-0.012) work well. Use a 3-hole or single hole punch to create the holes according to the instructions and templates. 3DVerkstan Budmen
  • How can I support your efforts?
    We are looking for volunteers in New Jersey to 3D print the components of the shields, assemble them, or transport the supplies or deliver the ready items. In addition, we have a GoFundMe campaign to help us defray the costs of producing the face shields by purchasing the filament necessary to 3D print the plastic components and buying clear sheets and elastic.


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